All Things Work Together

Things have been rough lately. I've had to quite my job sooner than I had planned and I'm now in search of a new job.  Money is tight and I'm trying not to replace once source of anxiety for another.    

Jesus told us in John 16: 33, "Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows." Faith in Christ isn't a ticket to an easy life. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying to themselves. Jesus Himself faced suffering while on earth. "He was despised and rejected - a man of sorrows, acquainted with deepest grief." Isaiah 53:3. If anyone deserved a life of peace and happiness, it was Him. Instead He left the very presence of God in heaven and entered a life full of sadness, pain and suffering. How could I ever expect life to be any different for me?   

Romans 8:28 tells us, "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them." When I look back and see how everything has become what it is today, I see God's hand all over it and that fills me with so much comfort. Has it been hard? Yes. Has it been frustrating? Yes. Has it been painful? Yes. Has it been without purpose? No, absolutely not.

Things are hard right now and they may get harder, but I know that at some point everything will work together for my good.

I am very thankful that God gave me a skill I can focus on in times like this. Sketching and painting have been my greatest form of therapy these last 6 months and have brought me a kind of joy I haven't felt in years. I am currently working on a goal to create a large enough body of work to display in a small gallery space within the next year. So no matter how difficult life might get from here, I'm going to be steadfast in this goal. This last painting is just one small step in that direction. 

My goal started off with just me wanting to draw again. Then my goal was to get BETTER at drawing again. Then I wanted to get decent at drawing portraits, then I threw some hands in there while I was at it. Maybe an animal or two.

If anyone else is going through a troubling time (I know you're out there), set yourself a goal. No matter how small or how trivial it may seem, do it. Prove to yourself that you can and then set a bigger goal and go after it. Could you screw it up on the way? Heck yeah. You just gotta refocus and get back at it. I have a TON of sketches that are embarrassingly bad but I didn't let them stop me and eventually a good sketch popped up again. I can guarantee you that I'll produce a ton of more crummy drawings but I'll keep at it until I get to another good sketch worth displaying.  

Don't be afraid, just do it. All things will work together for your good.