Studio Upgrades and My First Commission

I know there are a lot of artists out there who can create amazing artwork no matter where they are. I can certainly doodle just about anywhere but if I want to to really become immersed in my work, I have to be in a space that feeds into my creative process. I've been blessed to have a studio space in our home for a few years now. Each year I've added to it in an attempt to make it a warm and creative space. I ripped up the old carpet, painted the walls, hung artwork, installed custom storage and shelves, and my dear Troy even relocated the entrance to the closet to optimize the space. Yet, despite all that work, I still didn't feel comfortable working in the room, and for me comfort is a major necessity for a creative working environment. 

When I ripped up the carpet I refused to put down more and we didn't have the funds to install some fancy flooring. So I painted the concrete floor and felt that would do just fine. After all the other work I've put into the space I finally realized that it was the concrete floor holding it back so much. It just felt so cold; both figuratively and literally. Looking for cheap flooring options, I discovered that laminate wood flooring has really come a long way in looks and durability. The fact that it was so easy to install on my own was just icing on the cake. Though I do have to give a BIG thanks to my Dad though for donating and installing the baseboards for me. Those were not so easy to do.

A very empty studio with freaking awesome floors

A very empty studio with freaking awesome floors

I was blown away by how much simple flooring could change the look and feel of a single room. I'm very happy to say my studio is now the warm and inviting space I've wanted it to be for years. It stills needs a few things here and there but it is a place I want to be now. A place I can be my most creative.

Since the install, I've been trying to stay as productive as possible and having a studio space I want to work in has helped a lot in that. I've even gotten to work on my first commission piece.

Commission - pencil, watercolors, gouache

I really enjoyed the challenge of this piece and I want to do more like it. I'm working hard so I can open up commissions in the next few weeks. If your interested, be sure to keep an eye out for more info. You can even follow my blog with Bloglovin by clicking the link below.