Recovery and Inktober

It’s been over 2 months since I had my carpal tunnel surgery and things are progressing but moving slower than I hoped they would. My hand is fully functional at this point but limited in how it can function. As long as I don’t apply much pressure to the lower portion of my palm (on and around the incision spot) then I do pretty well. I just need to NOT jab that area with anything (say the corner of a piece of stiff watercolor paper) or else it feels like I was just stabbed in the hand. It’s a very unpleasant pain that lingers for over a minute. It also helps if I don’t try to swat at gnats who are resting on the wall. That was a pretty regrettable mistake. The doctor did a great job with the incision at the base of my palm. It’s healing so well you can hardly notice it.

As soon as my doctor said I could start drawing again I wasted no time. The first couple weeks were rough as I had to learn how to pace myself. I’m used to drawing for hours upon hours but with the pain that just isn’t possible. I have to take constant breaks with gentle massages or warm water soaks. Part of me is afraid I’ll end up undoing all the work the doctor has done.

The first month of drawing saw me working with a more simplistic illustration style. There was just no way my hand could handle the pressure needed to draw the detailed images I am used to but it was good practice and I was pretty happy with a few of the resulting pictures. I’ve been able to slowly incorporate more details as my hand adjusts slowly.

As October approached I noticed quite a few artists online talking about Inktober. I was familiar with the 31 day drawing prompt challenge but had never had the time to dedicate to it. Now I had all the time in the world. So I dove in and have had a ton of fun working with the prompts, experimenting with different styles, materials and colors themes. Below are a few of my favorites so far but you can check out more of my pieces in my gallery page HERE.