Surgery and the Need to Create

I can now say with all confidence that carpal tunnel is not fun. After coping with it for 9 months, I finally had surgery on the 14th. The worst thing about healing after surgery is the inability to work on any of my art. So in an attempt to bring a small amount of creativity into my day, I've started doodling with my left, non-operated on, hand.

So far this little picture is the one I'm the most pleased with. It's kinda funny that I've been working on a more simplistic illustration style recently and that's pretty much all I can muster with my less dominant hand right now. I'm actually really liking the simple style with the looser, scribbly lines. I love that watercolor paints are so forgiving of my sloppy application and actually seem to work really well along side the looser lines. I'm hoping to keep playing around with this style some more while my hand continues to heal.