Living with Our Scars


I can’t help but feel excited about the near future. I might be overly optimistic but my heart feels eager for all that might be ahead. I just recently finished my painting entitled ‘Scars’, I was just added to the Arkansas Arts Council Artist Registry, I’ve opened up registration to this year’s Summer Art Camp, I just applied to my first artist residency, and I’m starting to work on my piece for the Bernice Garden’s Window Art Show. Things are moving forward and I’m excited to see where they lead. In the end, I know it’s in God’s hands. I just have to do my part and pray I don’t mess anything up.


As I mentioned, I recently finished my ‘Scars’ watercolor painting. As I was sketching the image, I felt led to add a detail to the chest of the woman the thought of floral elements came to mind. When I drew the vine, I realized that it reminded me of a surgical scar. Suddenly, I knew what this painting was going to be about.


Physical, mental, emotional, accidental, self inflicted, received at the hands of another, visible, and invisible; scars are something most, if not all people can identify with and I feel an image such as this will resinate with many of them.