About the artist

Hello and welcome! My name is Allison Tucker and I am an artist, art educator, wife, and cat mamma.

I grew up knowing that I wanted a career in the arts, but with no art program in my elementary school, I benefited from other various sources of art classes and tutoring. Such opportunities helped me grow not only as an artist but as a person. I learned problem solving, how to think creatively, how to experiment with different techniques and materials, and how to express myself when my words were insufficient. 

I graduated from the Memphis College of Art in 2008 with a BFA in Design Arts and a focus in Illustration. With my fiancé in tow, I left Memphis and returned home to Sherwood, Arkansas.

I soon began my career as an elementary art teacher in the Pulaski County Special School District. I spent nine years (2008-2017) teaching hundreds of kindergarten through 5th grade students at Clinton Elementary as well as Oak Grove Elementary, College Station Elementary and Harris Elementary.

In those nine years my focus was on education and sharing my love of art with my students. Even though I enjoyed what I did, my own art suffered severe neglect. Understandably, teaching 600+ kids a week didn't leave me with too much extra energy.

2018 is a year of very big changes for me. I stepped away from the public school system and have begun to refocus my life and career around my art. My neglected and withered skills have begun to blossom again and I want to continue to tend to them while sharing my art with anyone interested in what I create.

My love of teaching has not diminished and I am striving to continue educating and sharing my passion for art with creatives of all ages.  

If you have stumbled across my little website, I hope you take a look around and see if anything draws your eye or tickles your fancy. 

Thank you for visiting.

My philosophy:
We love because God first loved us. We create because God first created us.